Wellness Programs

As people age, their bodies and medical needs begin to change and this is true of our pets as well. The caring team at Chatham Veterinary Services understand this as well as the fact that dogs and cats often age at a rate faster than humans.

Therefore, Dr. Scott will develop a plan for your furry friend, no matter what stage they are in their lives

When puppies and kittens first come to Chatham Veterinary Services, our veterinarians perform a routine physical examination, including a fecal sample to check for intestinal parasites. A vaccine protocol will also be scheduled, based on your pet’s lifestyle. Heartworm and flea and tick preventatives are the best medicine for all dogs AND cats, and our experienced doctors will determine which product is right for your pet. Finally, a spay or neuter will be scheduled at this time. It is important for all pets to be spayed or neutered and not just to prevent unwanted litters. Certain cancers in both male and female dogs and cats are far less likely for a pet that has had this procedure.

As your pet ages, senior profiles, including bloodwork, become extremely important for your pet's health. Once your dog or cat reaches the age of seven (7) years, they are considered a senior animal and it is recommended we see them twice yearly. Physical exams become even more important at this time, and blood work to check the blood chemistry levels and complete blood counts are needed just like human medicine.

The experienced veterinarians at Chatham Veterinary Services have been there for the lives of so many pets in the Siler City area, and they will bring that same kindness and skill to your pet. No matter the age of your precious pet, call today to schedule an appointment with Chatham Veterinary Services.