Digital Radiography

Diagnostics are a crucial part of veterinary medicine, due to the fact that our pets cannot communicate if they are hurting. Dr. Scott recognizes the need for the advanced x-ray imaging available from a digital radiography system, and have invested in this system to better serve the pets in the Siler City, North Carolina area.

Chatham’s digital radiography system allows our skilled veterinarians to diagnose many conditions including fractures, organ enlargement, internal bleeding, pneumonia, and foreign objects. Digital systems provide clear x-ray images that can be manipulated if needed, and often prevents the need for retakes required by older imaging systems.

Digital systems are also environmentally-friendly, in the fact, they do not require chemicals needed to develop film. This was necessary for traditional x-ray analyzers. Our computer-based system also stores all of our images, eliminating the need for film which makes less waste upon disposal.

The digital system at Chatham Veterinary Services provides x-ray images in seconds, meaning an emergency can be treated immediately at our clinic. Speed of information can be critical in some situations, and our digital system allows pets in our care to receive treatment quickly when necessary.

Finally, the advanced system allows our doctors to email x-ray images in the event a second opinion may be needed from a veterinary radiologist. Film systems must be sent by hand, which can waste valuable treatment time in the event of an emergency.

Our veterinarians have many years of successful treatment of furry family members in the Siler City area, and they will be there for your pet as well. If your precious pet has a condition requiring superior diagnostic imaging, please call Chatham Veterinary Services at 919-742-4441 and speak with one of our caring team members.